Third topic. Primary Perception

Hello everyone :)‎

Well, it seems that most of you loved the previous post about Cellular Memory. Hope you ‎will like this one too. Let’s continue talking about cells but in different aspect.‎

If cells do have a Memory, then I think it will be very convenient if they can feel too! 🙂 ‎don’t you agree?

While talking about Cellular Memory scientist have used heart-transplantation as proof. In ‎this time we will use plants!‎
In other word, the question is does plants feel?? Do they or don’t? To answer this ‎question we have to go through a long journey between yes and no!

Let’s begin with Cleve Backster, known as polygraph expert (lie detector).He have shown ‎an interest in plants when he discover that plant react to thoughts and threats. He also ‎claimed that plants even can read human minds. However his initial aim was to know how ‎long does the water take from the root area all the way up to the leaf for a dracaena plant. ‎So he put a (GSR) Galvanic Skin Response, which is section of the polygraph measure the ‎resistance of the skin to a small electrical current at the end of leaf. And the theory is when ‎a person lies, they are anxious and the amount of sweat increases slightly but measurably. ‎As sweat increases, the resistance to electrical current decreases.‎

‎ “Next, I noticed something on the chart that resembled a human response on a ‎polygraph. In other words, the contour of the pen tracing was not what I would expect ‎from water entering a leaf, but instead what I would expect from a person taking a lie-‎detector test” he said.‎

He begins trying to get emotions out from that plant. So he had taken the leaf and dips it in ‎a warm coffee cup, but he didn’t get any response from the plant just like it was bored! At ‎that point, an idea crossed his mind (a thought) “I know what I am going to do: I am going ‎to burn that plant leaf, that very leaf that’s attached to the polygraph”. But he didn’t have ‎the matches in the room. During that time, Cleve have witnessed a wild agitation. After ‎that when his partner try out to do the same experiment this what happens >>>‎

‎ He said “Now when my partner in the polygraph school we were running at the ‎time came in, he was able to do the same thing also, as long as he intended to burn the ‎plant leaf. If he pretended to burn the plant leaf, it wouldn’t react.”

And since that day, many supporters have come along to support what Mr. Backster called ‎a (primary perception). In fact, the ability of plants reading our bioenergetic fields known ‎as (Backster effect). Nevertheless, still there are people refuted Mr. Backster claims. Their ‎main argue is about the way Mr. Backster did the experiment. They say that he didn’t pay ‎attention to the controls of experiment. Perhaps the moisture or humidity causes effect in ‎the GSR reading not by his thought.

This issue has become quite controversial. Definitely, it will be interesting to have an ‎answer which is overwhelmed with evidence for [(Does plants feel?) or in other word ‎‎(Does our cells feel?)]. In my perspective, if cells do have the ability to memorize or feel, it ‎will be considered just like any other mechanisms which help the cell to stay a live! Isn’t it ‎the one of the main purpose of a cell? (I mean staying a live!)‎

Bottom line is we have to develop our ability to think critically otherwise, we won’t be ‎future scientist! ‎

See you in my next post, until then think critically ;)‎

Bio student ‎