Second topic.Cellular memory

Hi Everybody… It’s The Time to Get Fascinated 😉 ‎

Today, I’d like to write an interesting story I heard from my older sister who have attended ‎a seminar called “The DNA role on effecting plants and water” by lecturer Youssef Shukran.

‎ He has mentioned a story of a young girl who was suffering from heart issues and she got ‎heart transplantation. In fact, the heart which was transplanted belongs to a young boy ‎died in a car crash. After the procedure of heart transplantation she became healthy.    The ‎strange thing is that when she was discharged from the hospital and walking in the hospital ‎green lawn, the father of the dead boy was a few steps away trying to hide himself ‎observing her as she walked.       Suddenly, she leaves her own father’s hand and hurries ‎toward the boy’s father like there was a strange attraction between them, as if she has ‎seen an old acquaintance, she hugs him tightly. For some moments, then, she goes back ‎and holds the hand of her father again leaving the path like nothing strange had taken ‎place! ‎

Well, this story kept me wondering how could be that possible. As we all know that a heart ‎is an organ which pumps blood throughout blood vessels by repeated rhythmic ‎contractions. So how dose that effect the girl’s behavior?

As always, if you have a question, you have to seek for an answer. So that’s why I have ‎begun my search on this issue. Luckily, I have found an explanation for this strange ‎PHENOMENON.

‎ And the explanation is “Cellular Memory” which is a theory state that our brain is not the ‎only organ which stores our memories, personalities, habits and taste it can store in our ‎other cells too. Mostly, heart transplantation surgeries support this theory. In order to ‎study this concept doctors with help of the hospitals system forbids transplantee to know ‎or speak to the donor’s family. ‎

One of the known stories on this topic will be the story of an American woman called Sylvia ‎Claire ‎‏47‏‎ years old received a heart from 18 years old Mexican boy who was killed in a ‎motorcycle accident, and after the heart transplantation she begins to feel changes in here ‎attitudes which basically was an acquiring the characteristics of the donor’s. She even ‎wrote a book about her experiences towards this heart transplantation called “A Change of ‎A Heart” ‎

Another astonishing story is an 8 year old girl who received the heart of a 10 year old girl ‎who was killed. After few days the recipient was overwhelmed with dramatic nightmares ‎about an attacker and a girl being murdered. And after few sessions with a psychiatrist who ‎become convinced by what the girl’s says. Then, they decide to corporate with police by ‎the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer who turns out to be the killer ‎of her donor’s. ‎

However, there are millions of people questioning the validity of the concept of Cellular ‎Memory. Their biggest question is why doesn’t it occur more often?        One answer would be ‎because of the neuropeptides(which function as keys that fit into specific types of ‎receptors located on the surface of heart cells) when we get a transplanted heart which ‎already have it unique set of self receptor that are different from the recipient. As a result, ‎the recipient possesses cells will respond to two different identities. And basically, not ‎every recipient will sense that a set of cells within their body is now responding to a second ‎signal. ‎

After all it seems there’s a huge luck of information related to Cellular Memory. I felt ‎surprised when I figure out that this phenomenon is not new actually its known even ‎before 1988! Hope that the science society will give this topic a littlie more attention. ‎

As far as for my understanding, it is kind of easy to believe in. I remember my previous ‎professor says “whenever you think about a cell, think about yourself”. Also there is a ‎growing number of scientists who have adopted that “every cell in our body has its own ‎‎‘mind’…and if you transfer tissues from one body to another, the cells from the first body ‎will carry memories into the second body”. ‎

Breathtaking 😉 ‎

That’s it for today see you in my next post.‎

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2 Responses to Second topic.Cellular memory

  1. shamma ~_~ says:

    I’m very proud of you ” boistudent”, reading in such different and fascinating topics in science will help you
    to become a brilliant scientist, it’s really an amazing and interesting topic” cellular memory ” and it’s difficult to find lots of articles about it …… keep it up ^^ waiting for new subjects …

  2. Om Hrooby says:

    it is really fascinating…i remember watching an episode about it..and some times the person who had received the heart experience a change in his attitude which is most likely from the donor’s personality ..
    thankx 4 the effort ..

    good luck biooo
    c yaa ^^

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